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Hi, my name is Ben Lewis. I’m a full stack developer from Boulder, CO. I work for Twitter as a software developer and consultant.

I write Ruby, JavaScript, Python and Scala code to build and maintain large-scale web applications. Some of my development interests include applying algorithms to handle large amounts of data, visual art, Service-Oriented Architecture, and TDD. I’ve contributed to exercism.io and other open source projects.

Although I’m a third generation programmer, I’ve lived many lives. I hold a B.A. in Music from Vassar College. Before joining the software world, I was a farmer, gardener, elementary school music teacher, and professional bluegrass fiddler. In 2013-2014, I gSchool, learning from Jeff Casimir, Katrina Owen, Franklin Webber of Jumpstart Lab. When I’m not programming, you’ll find me rock climbing, playing fiddle, hiking, and raising my four-year-old daughter, Lumin.

Drop me a line if you ever want to talk. Here’s how to find me on GitHub and follow me on Twitter.